We are now accepting applications for our 2018 campaign.  If you are a 501c3 agency in Wilson, Montgomery, Elk or Chautauqua counties  and would like an application packet or have questions please contact Shannon Moses at 620-331-1010 or email indepcommchest@sbcglobal.net




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The Independence Area Community Chest is an organization that will raise money each year to support 27 different agencies in the community.

The annual campaign has a goal of securing pledges from the community through workplace campaigns and individual contributions that will benefit programs in the Community Chest’s impact areas of education, income, health, and rebuilding lives. The 2017 Fundraising goal is $110,000.

Mission Statement

It shall be the purpose and mission of Independence Area Community Chest Inc. to provide a permanent organization to bring together in a united appeal all campaigns of community-accepted health, welfare, and character-building agencies to serve Independence and the surrounding area. This united effort, Independence Area Community Chest, Inc., should eliminate the waste and annoyance of successive solicitations; thereby, conserving the time and energy of all citizens of the community by reducing the number of financial appeals to be made each year.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Good afternoon! I’d like to speak with someone regarding the Community Chest’s annual awards. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hello Erika, please contact us at 620-331-1010

  3. Anonymous said:

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